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Capital Campaign 2022-2023

Say “Yes” to the Future

Integrated patio and northern courtyard
Expanded Fellowship Hall

In these last 20 years, First UU Church of San Antonio has dramatically expanded its reach, with more members and friends, a bolder vision, and a wider and deeper impact in San Antonio than ever before. Not only have we been growing in numbers, but we have also been growing in the depth of our vision and our understanding of our place in our wider community. We have become known as a leading voice and presence on behalf of the marginalized with a goal of a more inclusive and just San Antonio. Equally important, is the growing role our church has played as a beloved and supporting community for its members and friends, where all are welcomed as blessings.

And yet, in the same two decades, our 1960’s era buildings have seen decline due to deferred maintenance and lack of modernization and energy efficiency efforts. Our campus kitchen no longer meets our needs, and our technology is patched together to “make it work”. We learned during COVID that technologies can expand our reach and make our church more accessible.  Likewise, we need to enhance the security of our campus and make it a safer place.

The time is long overdue for us to enhance our campus and make it as bold and generous as our mission and vision.  Instead of resigning ourselves to a campus that limits the reach of our ministry, our collective vision and commitment can create a campus that expands our ability to live into our boldest and most generous imagining.

Let us join together, work together, and share our time, talent, and treasure to successfully take the next steps toward the future by joining in the First UU capital campaign of 2022!

Campus Improvement – 6 Priority Groups

Questions? Talk to a Capital Campaign Steward!


Capital Campaign Do’s & Don’ts

Do visit with a Capital Campaign Steward at least once!  They will provide you a form and answer any questions you might have.

Do take time to carefully consider your gift to the church.  Read the Capital Campaign View Book.  Check out the website for updates.

Do make your commitment on or before the deadline of 31 December.

Do talk to members of the Capital Campaign Committee regularly, and support Capital Campaign events, including updates.  Stay in the loop!

Do talk to your fellow members about the campaign and stay positive.  We are all in this together!

Do share your ideas.  Not every idea can be acted upon, but every idea is given due consideration by the Capital Campaign Committee.

Don’t lower your annual pledge amount to make a Capital Campaign commitment!  We still have a church to run day to day, and your pledge funds our annual budget.

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