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How Much Should I Give?

There will be as many scenarios as we have members!  But here are some key things to consider:

  • Please do not contribute to the Capital Campaign by lowering your current operational budget “pledge”! We must maintain our annual operational budget to keep paying for items that keep the church going.  Capital Campaign “commitments” are above and beyond a person’s annual pledge.
  • Remember that Capital Campaign commitments can be spread out over 36 months.
  • In most church Capital Campaigns, the usual commitment is between 1 and 4 times the amount of a person’s pledge.
  • There are members in every congregation who can give large, “lead” or “anchor” gifts in the tens of thousands of dollars. We are lucky to have these generous people in our congregation, but 80% of the congregation cannot give in this way. That doesn’t mean everyone won’t be “stretching” a bit with their commitment. See the typical scenarios below:


Congregant Family A makes a standard $1200/year stewardship pledge which they pay $100/month by automatic withdrawal from their family checking account.  They have decided to make a Capital Campaign Commitment of 2X their pledge or $2400, spread the payments out over 36 months, and have the payments taken every month like their pledge.  Starting in January 2023, a total of $167 will go to the church.

Pledge for the Operational Budget – $1200/12 = $100/month

Capital Campaign Commitment – $2400/36 = $67/month

Total gift to the church per month would be $167/month

Congregant Family B is also pledging $100 per month to the church but, after discussing their finances, decided to also make a $100 per month commitment to the Capital Campaign.  Beginning January 2023, a total of $200 will go to the church to cover both their pledge and Capital Campaign Commitment.

 Congregant Family C makes a $600 annual pledge and normally writes one lump sum check at the beginning of the year.  They want to increase their pledge amount next year to $700.  After talking, the family, which is relatively new to the church, believes they can commit to a $5000 Capital Campaign commitment and spread that out over 36 months.  They will continue to make their pledge payment in a lump sum at the beginning of the year but will make monthly Capital Campaign payments – $5000/36 = $139/month.

Capital Campaign Giving Guide