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Every spring First UU-San Antonio awards scholarships to exceptional youth who have been actively involved in the life of the congregation.

Youth may apply for both awards but can only be awarded one. Requests for applications will go out around March with due dates typically in April and recipients will be notified by mid-May.  First UU reserves the right to not award any scholarships or awards if there is no qualified candidate.

Wade Richmond Memorial Scholarship

The Wade Richmond Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a high school senior with strong academic potential who shares qualities for which Wade Richmond was known: helpfulness, compassion, thoughtfulness. 

The scholarship is administered through the San Antonio Area Foundation. The amount of the scholarship varies each year and is renewable for a total of four years of study, contingent upon full-time enrollment and a satisfactory grade point average. 

Wade Richmond Memorial Scholarship

Liz Garrison Memorial Bridging Award

The Liz Garrison Memorial Bridging Award is for a bridging youth to help them launch into young adulthood. The recipient will possess the basic personal qualities that Liz Garrison had and admired: compassion with an interest in furthering causes of social justice, including LGBTQ+ rights. 

A bridging youth is a high school senior or a youth who turns 18 years old in the calendar year in which the award is made. This is a one-time award; the amount varies each year.

Liz Garrison Memorial Bridging Award