Worship Service Sundays at 11:00 AM

Order of Service

“Justice Sunday”

by Rev. Mark Skrabacz with Tina Solis & Tracey Homburg 

February 18, 2024

Justice Sunday is an annual event that is designed to connect UU congregations with the UU Service Committee. These are people on the front lines of today’s human rights movement. Come join us and learn. Music by Jaime Ramirez, Debu Dasgupta, and Stephen Spikes with an Ensemble.


Sounding of the Bowl – Rev. Mark Skrabacz, he/him

Prelude – Jaime Ramírez, he/him

Words of Welcome and Greetings – Tina Solis, she/her

Opening Words – Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Opening Hymn – #1018 Come and Go with Me

Chalice Lighting – Rev. Mark Skrabacz and Tracey Homburg, she/her

Covenant – Rev. Mark Skrabacz


Love is the doctrine of this church,

The quest of truth is its sacrament

And service is its prayer.

To dwell together in peace,

To seek knowledge in freedom,

To serve humanity in fellowship,

Thus do we covenant with each other.

To the end that all souls shall grow

into harmony with the divine,


El amor es la doctrina de esta iglesia,

Su sacramento es la búsqueda de la verdad

Y su oración es el servicio.

Convivir en paz,

buscar sabiduría en libertad,

Dar a la humanidad nuestro servicio fraternal,

Para que todas las almas crezcan

en armonía con la divinidad

Así pactamos el uno con el otro.


Anthem – “To Dream the Impossible Dream” by Mitch Leigh and Joseph Darion, performed by Debu Dasgupta

Candles of Joy and Sorrow – Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Music for Candle Lighting – Jaime Ramírez

Reading of the Book and Prayer – Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Story Wisdom – Bridget Lafliin, she/her

Children’s Recessional – Rev. Mark Skrabacz


May the road you travel guide you safely. May a friend be always at your side.

May the love you find here in this moment guide your way and fill you with delight.


Que sea seguro tu camino, Que un amigo esté siempre a tu lado,

Que el amor que sientes en este momento, Te guíe y te llene de placer.


Offertory Invitation – Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Offertory Music – “Humoresque” by Antonin Dvorak, performed by Stephen Spikes with Chamber Ensemble

Offertory Response – Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Personal Reflection – Tina Solis

Sermon – “UUSC, Challenging Injustice and Advancing Human Rights” by Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Closing Hymn – #1008 When Our Heart Is in a Holy Place

Benediction – Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Postlude – Jaime Ramírez