Worship Service on Sundays at 11:00 a.m.


Music Program

Music is an integral part of our Sunday morning service. It serves as a tool for personal expression, bonding, and community building. A visitor to our services will experience energetic hymn singing and hear a wide variety of musical styles that mirror the wide variety of sources we base our faith upon. Through music, we can all experience the sacred, whether as a participant or listener.

If you want to be of service and share your musical gifts, consider joining our adult choir. No auditions are required; all are welcome!  We also offer children and youth choirs for young singers.

Our church is further blessed with exceptional instrumentalists. Services have included beautiful music from such diverse instruments as classical guitar, oboe, ocarina, and violin.

If you or your child feel called into the music ministry of this church, contact our Director of Music at choir@uusat.org