Worship Service on Sundays at 11:00 a.m.


About First UU

Welcome to the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio (First UU) – the home of liberal religion in San Antonio since 1945.

What Makes First UU of San Antonio Different?

In Unitarian Universalism, you can bring your whole self: your full identity, your questioning mind, your expansive heart. We come from different backgrounds, points of view, and starting points along our journey for spiritual growth. As Unitarian Universalists, we assert no creed, but instead are unified by our shared search for personal wholeness, guided by a dynamic, living tradition.

We believe in the free and responsible search for truth and meaning and that everyone has something to teach and something to learn. And we believe that compassionate teaching and learning is best done in a committed, loving community.

We are free thinkers who support one another and we will support you if you decide to join us. In our faith of diverse beliefs, it is our shared values that guide us. Read our history to see how we have supported each other over the decades.

As we say often, love is the doctrine of this church and service is our prayer. Come and join us to make First UU and San Antonio a better place to worship and live.

Our Values

In our religious community, we covenant to embody our core values:

  • Profound Belonging
  • Openess to Awe
  • Committed Transformation

Our Mission

The mission of First UU is to co-create the Beloved Community of love and justice within ourselves, among our congregation, and throughout San Antonio.

Our Covenant

Love is the doctrine of this church,

The quest of truth is its sacrament

And service is its prayer.

To dwell together in peace,

To seek knowledge in freedom,

To serve humanity in fellowship,

To the end that all souls shall grow into harmony with the divine,

Thus do we covenant with each other.

Our Community Agreement

In order to establish and maintain a sanctuary of safety and trust, these aspirational guidelines for our behaviors with each other have been created from our own experiences and for our own benefit. It is understood that our commitments may be made, broken and restored as a part of our process of growth.

Support our mission:

  • Model kindness to promote justice, equity and compassion
  • Share time, talent and treasure
  • Honor our past, embrace change, and celebrate successes

Communicate thoughtfully with others:

  • Practice patience and look for good intentions in each other’s action
  • Learn from and listen to each other
  • Speak honestly from our own experiences and perspectives
  • Respect the personal nature of comments that others may share

Honor differences:

  • Resist making assumptions about one another
  • Work toward forgiveness whenever we fall short of expectations
  • Speak directly to each other or request mediation to negotiate misunderstandings
  • Welcome the diversity among us with curiosity, acceptance and empathy