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Trust Fund for Endowments

Funding for Church Needs Since 1972

The Trust Fund for Endowments was established in 1972 to provide financial stability and funding for special church needs, maintenance, and improvements. The corpus cannot be expended without approval of the church membership, but disbursement of interest and dividends earned during the previous year may be approved by the Trust Fund board for special projects. Gifts accepted for the Trust Fund include cash, real property, memorials, securities, gifts in trust, gifts of life insurance, and property of any kind.

The Trust Fund has made the following major projects possible:

  1. Purchase of air conditioners
  2. Sewer line installation
  3. Roof repair
  4. Fire damage repair
  5. Computer systems
  6. Duplicating equipment
  7. Furnace replacement
  8. New church construction

How to Support the Trust Fund for Endowments

You can give:

  • An outright gift of cash, securities, or property.
  • Gift subject to life income.  A gift can be made with its income paid to the giver or other beneficiary.
  • Gift in Trust.  (The giver may avoid tax on the income and may be provided a deduction for the value of the gift.)
  • Gift through bequest, designated in one’s will.
  • Gift of life insurance.  The Trust Fund of Endowments would be the beneficiary of the policy.

An attorney or trust official should be consulted about the details of the gift. For more information about the Trust Fund of Endowments, contact trustfund@uusat.org