Worship Service on Sundays at 11:00 a.m.


Membership Committee

Committee Charter

We are responsible for the recruitment and maintenance of a vibrant, growing church membership. We do so by:

1. Welcoming visitors with our team of greeters at Sunday Services and other church events applying radical hospitality

2. Providing information to visitors and prospective new members on church offerings, events and how to become a member utilizing 

    • Greeters 
    •  the Church’s website, emails, Inspire digital magazine and announcements
    • Sharing pertinent pamphlets and flyers 
    • Offering a regularly scheduled Membership Class, First UU 101, to educate both prospective and current members on Unitarian Universalism and the activities and operations of First UU Church  


3. Integrating new and experienced members into the rich and vibrant life of our church and nurturing their continued commitment and involvement

4. Help to grow the Unitarian Universalist message out into the wider San Antonio area

5. Being accountable to our fellow congregants and the unknown members of the future who have yet to walk through our doors.

Job Description

Responsibilities of the Committee Chair:

  1. Meets periodically with the Minister and church administration to discuss membership status, issues, programs, changes that may occur, and establish dates for leadership events.
  2. Provides and/or teaches a Unitarian Universalist foundation class for new members and guests. Currently, First UU 101, a class introducing visitors to First UU and Unitarian Universalism is held monthly.
  3. Prepares a monthly report for the Coordinating Team focused on Membership Committee activities.
  4. Attends Coordinating Team meetings and other relevant leadership events, including congregational meetings, retreats, and any special congregational meetings called by the Board, Board President, or the congregation.
  5. Participates in the budget development process.
  6. Prepares an annual report to the congregational administrator for distribution to the congregation in May.
  7. Coordinates with church administration on “in-process” member status.
  8. Schedules and organizes New Member Recognition ceremonies with the minister as needed. 


Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  1. Assists the Committee Chair with duties as assigned (new member ceremonies, budget development, etc).
  2. Enlists Greeters to welcome visitors, guests, and members in the foyer prior to and after the service.
  3. Provides on-going efforts to attract and integrate new members, emphasizing participation from entire congregation.
  4. Works collaboratively with the Stewardship Committee to enhance and monitor church member stewardship.


For more information about the Membership Committee contact membership@uusat.org.