Worship Service Sundays at 11:00 AM

Membership Committee

Committee Charter

We make welcome new guests and seekers to our congregation by focusing on the “Invite” aspect of our church mission. We help visitors and guests feel accepted and free to find and follow their unique spiritual path by providing opportunities to learn more about Unitarian Universalism as a faith and our church as a community of faith. The Membership Committee is a team of dedicated members who provide leadership for the congregation on a weekly basis by modeling and practicing effective communication and dialogue with visitors, guests and prospective new members. We are committed to integrating new and experienced members into the rich and vibrant life of our church and nurturing their continued commitment and involvement. True success for our committee is growing our church membership in San Antonio and helping to grow the Unitarian Universalist message and movement out in the wider San Antonio Community. We are accountable to both our fellow congregants and the unknown members of the future who have yet to walk through our doors.

The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and maintenance of a vibrant, growing church membership. Working closely with the Minister and staff, the committee uses a variety of approaches to the task which include: providing information for visitors, welcoming visitors and new members, planning and coordinating new UU orientation activities and classes. 

Job Description

Responsibilities of the Committee Chair:

  1. Meet monthly with the Minister and church secretary to discuss membership status, issues, programs, changes that may occur and establish dates for leadership events.
  2. Organize off-campus First UU Outreach events.
  3. Provide and/or teach some sort of Unitarian Universalist foundation class for new members and guests. Currently, A Chosen Faith by John Buehrens and Forest Church is being used for this purpose. It is taught once in the Fall, then mid-church year, usually January. The class can be conducted either during the Sunday RE hour or in the evenings. The Sunday RE format runs 8 weeks, while the weekday evening format runs only 5 weeks (these classes are two ours in length).


Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  1. Enlists Greeters to staff the Greeters Table/Visitors’ Center (Sanctuary Foyer) every Sunday (Committee member).  Be knowledgable with the Greeter Guidelines.
  2. Stocks literature racks at Greeters Table (Sanctuary Foyer), patio, and Channing-Murray hallway (Committee member).
  3. Provides mentors to new members, as necessary (Committee member).
  4. Coordinates with church secretary on “in-process” member status.
  5. Coordinate new member photographs/biographies for bulletin board and newsletters (Committee Member).
  6. Schedules and organizes New Unitarian Universalist (UU) Orientation classes several times a year. Currently New First UU 101 (lay led) and What’s a UU? (Minister led).
  7. Schedules and organizes New Member Recognition services and receptions on semi-annual basis (fall and spring)
  8. Provides on-going effort to attract and integrate new members, emphasizing participation from entire congregation.
  9. Coordinates congregational picture directory every 3-5 years.
  10. Prepares a monthly report for the Coordinating Team (can be written or verbal). Report focuses on upcoming events that the leadership would either support or simply have knowledge about.
  11. Attends Coordinating Team meetings (currently scheduled every other month), and other relevant leadership events, including congregational meetings, retreats, and any special congregational meetings called by the Board, Board President or the congregation.
  12. Participates in the budget development process.
  13. Prepares an annual report to the church secretary for distribution to the congregation in May.
  14. Communicates with new members and prospective committee members about the committee’s functions and opportunities.
  15. Works collaboratively with the Stewardship Committee to enhance and monitor church member stewardship.



For more information about the Membership Committee or Membership with the church, visit our Benefits & Expectations page on this website or contact membership@uusat.org.