Worship Service on Sundays at 11:00 a.m.


Maintenance & Repair Committee

Committee Charter

The Maintenance and Repair committee’s purpose is to maintain and create a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for our church community and all those who might share it with us, by providing upkeep, repair and renewal of the structural facilities of our campus. To effect this we interface with staff, other church committees and individuals to address issues of relevance and concern as they arrive.

Job Description

  • Ensure that the buildings and facilities are in good condition, and are safe to use for all congregants, visitors and any others.
  • Make or schedule routine repairs that are within the budget.
  • Keep the minister, appropriate staff, and board members aware of any significant maintenance issues/needs that arise, including the cost and recommended priority of implementing the repairs involved.
  • Provide alternative recommendations to major repairs, if and when short-term, less costly fixes are temporarily acceptable.


For more information about the Maintenance & Repair Committee, contact maintenance@uusat.org.