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Community Responsibility Endowment Fund

Since 1982 the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio membership has elected Trustees to manage and administer the Community Responsibility Endowment Fund (CREF).  Each year the CREF Trustees award grants to support projects and activities in our local community.

2022 CREF Award Recipients

ACT4SA Promotes justice equity and acceptance in criminal justice reform. Grant to fund workshops to educate community members on public safety and police reform
Empower House Advocates for opportunities that empower women and girls of color. Grant funded three Empower Parent Classes as part of their Empower Women Program
Planned Parenthood Provided Emergency Contraception for 250 community members at no cost to them helping prevent unintended pregnancy
League of Women Voters funding Promise to Vote postcards for the November 2022 election. Also translated Spanish postcards and frequently asked voting questions all together reaching 12,750 potential voters in Bexar County

CREF Awards Presentation Videos:




Donate to CREF

In the fall, CREF conducts its annual fundraising drive to raise money to grow the CREF endowment and increase the amount of earnings CREF has to award for grants in future years. You can donate at any time by simply Clicking Here and select “CREF”. Thank you for supporting our community philanthropy.

CREF Awards Criteria

Click here to learn more about what information is needed to apply for a grant and how the funds are administered.

CREF Awards Cycle & Nominating an Organization 

Nominations are made by Church members throughout the year with a cut off of June 30 for the Fall awards cycle. Nominees meeting the CREF Awards Criteria will receive an opportunity to apply for a CREF grant. Click Here to see the annual awards cycle. To nominate an organization that meets the CREF criteria, complete the CREF Nomination Form

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have more questions about CREF? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you are interested in joining the CREF team, visit our CREF Committee page or email cref@uusat.org.