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Adult Religious Education Committee

Committee Charter

The Adult Religious Education (ARE) committee is a welcoming committee, promoting free thought and spiritual development while searching for truth and meaning in a liberal religious environment. Our Mission calls us to develop programs to support inviting all into caring community, inspiring spiritual growth, and involving everyone in working for a peaceful, just and free world.

We invite all into caring community by:

  • Providing visitors and members opportunities to connect in small groups online and in person that are safe welcoming spaces. 
  • Meeting the needs of individuals of diverse identities including diverse stages of life, learning styles, interests, cultures, sexual orientations, genders, or races. 


We inspire spiritual growth by identifying classes and facilitators that: 

  • Affirm and promote the UU seven principles in our community and daily lives.
  • Delve into each of the UU six sources.
  • Emphasize the importance of articulating and sharing our own spiritual journeys in community.
  • Emphasize the evolving nature of truth and provide perspective on common spiritual paths of evolution such as the stages of faith.


We involve everyone in working for a peaceful, just and free world by:

  • Seeking to amplify the voices of those with marginalized identities.
  • Critically examining assumptions we make of others and recognizing our own short-comings.
  • Approaching diversity of beliefs or opinions with curiosity.
  • Partnering with social and environmental justice committees to offer classes that inspire people to strive for good and to take action in the broader community.
  • Reaching out to other UU churches or churches in the San Antonio community.


Job Description

Responsibilities of the Committee Chair:

  1. Prepares monthly and annual reports for the Coordinating Team and the Director of Lifespan Religious Education (DLRE.) These reports include information about ongoing class offerings; proposed classes; brief descriptions; attendance figures; and Library volume total.
  2. With the DLRE and Adult RE committee members, develops and offers Adult RE classes consistent with UU principles and congregational interests.
  3. Attends relevant leadership events, including annual congregational meetings and any special congregational meetings called by the Board, Board President or the congregation.
  4. Attends Adult RE quarterly committee meetings as called by the DLRE.
  5. Engages actively in email communication about Committee business.
  6. Attends at least one session of each ongoing Adult RE class each year.
  7. Agrees to co-facilitate short Adult RE classes as needed.
  8. Learns to confidently operate audio visual equipment used in some Adult RE classes.
  9. Takes advantage of training opportunities in the field of adult religious education when possible.
  10. Furthers First UU priority to offer a wide range of classes and other learning opportunities for adult religious seekers.


Responsibilities of the Committee Members:

  1. Attend Adult RE Committee meetings and participate in development of offerings as needed.
  2. Actively engage in email communication about Committee business.
  3. Attend at least one session of an ongoing Adult RE class each program year.
  4. Co-facilitate short Adult RE classes and/or help identify and recruit new facilitators. 
  5. Take advantage of training opportunities in the field of adult religious education when possible.


For information about about Adult Religious Education programs, visit our Adult RE page on this website or contact adultre@uusat.org.