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Social Justice Committee

Social Justice Committee

Committee Charter

The Social Justice Committee’s primary mission is to provide opportunities in the community for our members to live out their commitment to the social justice principles of our faith.
We continue the work of social justice because our congregation is a community that puts our faith into action. We represent people with a passion for social and economic justice.
We cultivate and coordinate concerns brought by members of the congregation regarding social justice and community issues.
We initiate and coordinate social justice activities of our congregation in the larger community.
The committee will know that its work has been successful when we act to advocate for the marginalized.
The committee demonstrates its accountability to the congregation by educating and giving members of the congregation opportunities to express their passion for social and economic justice.

Job Description

Responsibilities of the Committee Chair:

1. Plan the monthly agenda and gather supplementary information.
2. Distribute the materials prior to the committee meeting through firstuu-sa-social-justice@googlegroups.com
3. Preside over the meetings.
4. Follow up to see that agreed-upon actions are implemented.

Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  1. Bring to the Committee information about needs and actions to be taken by groups with which we are involved. Groups in 2016/2017 include local and state-wide coalitions [COPS/Metro Alliance, the Texas UU Justice Ministry]; local organizations needing one-time volunteer efforts [Food Bank, Haven for Hope, Basura Bash, Crop Walk]; and local, state and UUA organizations that implement UUA Study/Social Action Items and Actions of Immediate Witness [economic justice, immigration reform, racial equality/anti-oppression, reproductive choice, and corruption of democracy].
  2. Propose ways that the Committee might be involved with these groups. For example:
    • Provide hospitality to U.U.S.C. volunteers assisting R.A.I.C.E.S., as well as volunteer.
    • Encourage church members to participate in COPS/Metro actions to raise the living wage.
    • Raise funds among church members to sponsor luncheons by Planned Parenthood of South Texas, Healthy Futures, and Project Quest.
    • Show films and encourage discussion among church members.
    • Educate our elected officials about TXUUJM’s areas of interest through visiting with them in their home offices and in Austin in February.
  3. The committee oversees the administration of the Share the Plate program with its Coordinator being an active Committee member.
  4. Respond to action calls to sign petitions sent through fuucsa-social-justice@yahoogroups.com.
  5. Take part in the social justice worship service in January, which is followed by congregational participation in the MLK March the following Monday.
  6. In January participate in The Common Read sponsored by the Denominational Connections Committee.

For more information about the Social Justice committee, visit our Social Justice page on this website.