Member Care Committee

Committee Charter

The Member Care Team is a loving community that provides support and care in the best and most difficult of times to all of our members in need. We of the Member Care Team facilitate the help to that member in need from the congregation at large. Some needs are ongoing and some are for a short time but we try to reach a satisfactory result for each of them. All of us can be members in need as well as members who provide care. We take care of each other so that we are accountable to each other in this life’s journey.

Job Description

1) Provides a nurturing environment for the entire community by having people who offer physical assistance to other church members through many venues.
a. Provide rides to locations such as hospitals, doctors and church.
b. Sends cards to individuals to acknowledge a personal loss, event, etc.
c. Utilizes an established phone tree that is maintained and used in special circumstances.
d. Delivers donated flowers to members as the need arises.
e. Provides meals, child care, and other services as deemed necessary and upon request.
f. Visits members as deemed necessary and upon request.
2) Supports our members with love and fellowship by providing members with an emotional support network.
3) In connection with a memorial reception, may provide flowers, food (cookies, finger sandwiches, coffee, punch) inform the congregation, and work with the family of the deceased member.
4) Increases person to person networks within the church by encouraging people to help and care for others.
5) Provides information to the church through the weekly bulletin and the newsletter on the status of members who are willing to share their information.
6) Meets monthly with the minister and the church administrator to ensure no needs are overlooked.
7) Prepares a monthly report for the Council and Director of Fellowship.
8) Attends monthly Council meetings, and other relevant leadership events, including semi-annual congregational meetings, semi-annual retreats, and any special congregational meetings called by the Board, Board President or the congregation.
9) Participates in the budget development process.
10) Prepares an annual report for distribution to the Council, Director of Fellowship, the Church Office Administrator and the congregation in May.
11) Communicates with new members and prospective committee members about the committee’s functions and opportunities.

For more information about Pastoral Caring, visit our Pastoral Care page on this website.