Worship Service on Sundays at 11:00 a.m.


Member Care Committee

Committee Charter

The Member Care Team is a loving community that provides support and care in the best and most difficult of times for all our members in need. The Member Care Team facilitates and coordinates that support and care from members of our church community. All of us can be members in need as well as members who provide care. We take care of each other so that we are accountable to each other in this life’s journey.

Job Description

Committee Co-Chair Responsibilities:

  1. Chair monthly committee meetings and represents the team at Coordinating Team meetings
  2. Maintain communication between team members and church staff through emails and/or meetings
  3. Initiate Meal Trains or Signup Genius to facilitate and coordinate assistance to church members as needed (meal delivery, occasional rides to doctors appointments)
  4. Work with church staff to support families with memorial services (and receptions when requested)
  5. Coordinate with Minister and Pastoral Care Associates when members are identified as needing special care
  6. Write yearly report for the May Congregational Meeting.
  7. Submit budget requests annually
  8. Submit vouchers for reimbursement for expenses
  9. Coordinate with other committees to plan events for the congregation, such as the Seniors Valentine Luncheon.
  10. Set up a method of tracking our expenditures and the assistance we have provided

Committee Member Responsibilities:

  1. Attend monthly committee meetings
  2. Assist with memorial services and receptions, as able
  3. Send cards, make calls as needed
  4. Inform committee members when you have taken action (sent a card, provided a ride, etc) on behalf of a church member, or if you are aware of any church member who needs assistance.

For more information about the Member Care Committee, to join the Member Care Team, or to request assistance from the team contact membercare@uusat.org