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Leadership Development Committee

Committee Charter

The Leadership Development Committee invites members to share and expand their talents and skills as leaders of the congregation. We seek the continuing improvement of democratic governance by involving and developing current and undiscovered leaders. When members are inspired to serve the congregation in leadership roles, then our congregation is enriched and our vision is promoted. We are successful when a healthy leadership team addresses differences and develops solutions with the congregation.

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is an elected committee and is responsible for helping develop leadership and selecting a slate of candidates for positions where vacancies shall exist at the time of the May Annual Meeting. The LDC is comprised of six elected members who each serve three-years, plus an at-large board member, who serves as a liaison to the board. Members serve in staggered terms and may not serve concurrently on the Board of Directors, nor be nominees for any other elected position.

Job Description

Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  1. Promotes leadership development opportunities available locally, regionally, and nationally, and supports current and potential congregational leaders’ participation in these opportunities, as resources allow.
  2. Studies the requirements of each position to be filled as noted in the Bylaws, Committee Job Descriptions, and Committee Charters.
  3. Defines the personal characteristics necessary, useful or desirable to the performance of each position.
  4. Considers and evaluates the list of church members in order to identify those persons who best meet such requirements. The minister, past presidents, current leaders, and members of the congregation may be considered as resource persons.
  5. After first making preliminary selections of suitable candidates, discusses with each such candidate the requirements of his/her position and secures his/her agreement to run if nominated and to serve if elected.
  6. Completes its slate of candidates including at least one nomination for each of the positions as defined by the Bylaws. The LDC shall confer with the Minister and respective leadership units regarding their choices before making any slate public.
  7. Submits its report and its nominations in time to permit compliance with the Bylaws requirement that the nominations shall be sent to all active members one month before the semi-annual meeting.
  8. Organizes, at least annually, a leadership bridging event to provide continuity between exiting and incoming leaders.
  9. Organizes an annual leadership appreciation dinner or event.


For more information about Leadership in the church, visit our Our Church Governance page on this website. For more information about Leadership in general, visit the UUA’s Leadership Development page. If you are interested in being a leader or learning about leadership in our church, please contact the LDC via email at leadership@uusat.org.