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Community Responsibility Endowment Fund (CREF)

Committee Charter

The Community Responsibility Endowment Fund (CREF) Trustees operate as a Congregational Committee to fulfill on our mission of making a positive impact in the San Antonio Metro Area by enhancing the efforts of others who are making a difference. We provide grant awards to deserving non-profits for projects that align with the UU Principles, thus CREF has become an outreach program to strengthen our shared community.

The CREF Fund is the assets from donations of members of the Church and other sources over the last 40 years. Church members can see the direct impact their donation provides.  The proceeds are given to worthy non-profits in the San Antonio Metro area as administered by the six Trustees.  This Board of Trustees forms a warm fellowship together by taking on the responsibility of evaluating applications for projects of non-profit organizations and subsequently awarding grants.  It is a heart-felt endeavor to engage with those in our community serving to better San Antonio. We hold dearly this responsibility and share the amazing results with the congregation who so generously give to the Fund.

Job Descriptions

CREF Trustees serve a three-year term and shall be a member in good standing of The Church.

The Trustees are required to meet at least once each calendar quarter.  CREF’s current annual award cycle is administered with 6-8 meetings per year and sub-committee meetings. Meetings are a mix of live and online settings.

As a group, the Trustees administer funds as directed in the Trust Agreement and in accordance with any special request or instructions of a donor from their will or other donative instrument so long as the purpose is within the scope of the trusteeship.

The Trustees prepare an annual report to The Church as well as marketing information as required by the Trust Agreement. Currently, the Trustees also participate in planning and execution of an annual celebration ceremony and reception for awardees, fund-raising activities, website upkeep, and awarded project follow-up.

The Chairperson leads the CREF Trustees, specifically:

  • Presides at meetings, sets agendas and delegates tasks.
  • Represents CREF at Church council meetings and other functions.
  • First point of contact for inquiries from prospective grantees and grant award recipients
  • Ensures the adherence to the CREF Trust Agreement.
  • Oversees website and internal handbook upkeep.

General responsibilities of Trustees Officers:

Vice-Chairperson – Acts in the absence of the Chairperson, and typically serves as the Chairperson-Elect to serve as successor Chairperson.

Treasurer – Deals directly with the investment institution. Reports on the financial status of the fund to the Trustees quarterly and contributes to the annual report to the Church.  Cosigns with the Chairperson disbursements/awards.

Secretary – Takes minutes of meetings, writes/contributes to Church publications, corresponds to follow up with awardee organization’s on-going projects.  

Two At Large Trustees perform duties as assigned.

For more information about the CREF program visit our CREF page or contact cref@uusat.org.