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    Invite all into caring community

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    Inspire spiritual growth

  • Involve everyone in working for a peaceful, just and free world


If you are seeking a community of radical love and acceptance with theological exploration, lifelong learning, and social justice at the core - you’ve found it!

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30am for Religious Education followed by Worship service at 11:00am.

This Sunday

The Matter of Time

by Rev. Mark Skrabacz

How can we celebrate the time of our lives? What can help us give attention to each moment? How do we find our own rhythm and pace? Let’s examine the kinds of choices we have about our perception of time. Let’s also ask what kind of energy and attention we give to each person, to each hour, and each day. What kind of presence do we bring to the matter of time?

Sunday, July 30

Benchmarking the Spiritual Path

by Rev. Chris Hockman

Many people come to church to experience something called “spiritual growth,” but yet we don’t talk about it very often. What is spiritual development, and how do you know if you are growing?

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