Upcoming Services

All services are held on Sundays at 11:00 am unless otherwise noted.  Until further notice, all Sunday Worship Services will be presented via video on our Youtube channel.

June 13 Integrating the Inner and Outer Self with Rev. Mark Skrabacz. Music performed by Jaime Ramirez. Today’s Service has to do with the motivation from one’s inner life. Most of us are more familiar with outward actions and behaviors, which we might see as the “real” result and demonstration of the inner life. The purpose of our exploration today is to focus on the inner motivation that prompts the action.

June 20 Summer Solstice with Celestial Celebrations Circle and Rev. Mark Skrabacz. Music performed by Jaime Ramirez. The beginning of the season of Summer is marked by the longest day of the year. Join us to celebrate the rhythm of our planetary home and the stories of this special day.

June 27 TBA with Walker Moore, Lead Organizer of COPS-Metro.