Upcoming Services

All services are held on Sundays at 11:00 am unless otherwise noted.  Until further notice, all Sunday Worship Services will be presented via video on our Youtube channel

September 27 – “The High Holy Days” with Rev. Mark Skrabacz and Kelly Timmons. Music performed by Jaime Ramirez.

Many Unitarian Universalists have a connection to Judaism, including a sense of being ethnically, culturally, or spiritually Jewish. Our programs for children and youth involve young people in learning about Judaism through stories, rituals, and Zoom visits from synagogues. We teach respect for all faiths, and develop basic literacy in the world’s religions as well as Unitarian Universalism. As a home for interfaith families, we nurture kids with multiple identities and help them grow. In this Service I invite us to explore the Jewish High Holy days to inspire our own search for truth and meaning.

October 4 – “A Blessing of our Animals” with Rev. Mark Skrabacz

During this time when many of us are sharing our lives with our animals, it seems appropriate to have a Blessing of the Animals service. This year, October 4, the traditional feast day of St. Francis of Assisi falls on a Sunday. We want to address his life in tandem with those of our pets. We also want you and your animal companions to be a part of our Service. To do so, please send a photo of yourself with your pet or pets and email it to office@uusat.org. Let’s celebrate gifts of St. Francis, and the human and furry or feathered or scaled faces that make up our beloved First UU Church community.

October 11 – “Solidarity Sunday ” with Pam Illar and Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Our Rainbow Inclusion Committee invites us all to celebrate our Solidarity. Today let’s hear stories and learn about our LGBTQ+ Community and their challenges. Let’s grow in solidarity with each other and expand our circle of welcoming.

October 18 – “Embodied Spirituality” with Rev. Mark Skrabacz

We’ve addressed our Brain and our Faith. Today let’s examine our bodies and how they connect us in spiritual ways. Sooner or later some event, person, death, idea, or relationship will enter our lives that we simply cannot deal with using our present skill set, our acquired knowledge, or our strong willpower.  Our bodies and the ways in which we occupy and use them can be helpful in upgrading our skillset for engaging the inevitable changes. Without Embodied Spirituality we may simply stay in our comfort zone that appears to be working to our advantage. With it we can attend with a level of awareness to the situation in our lives that we cannot fix, control, explain, change, or even understand. Let’s come together to engage this matter of worth.

October 25 – “I Contain Multitudes” with Rev. Nell Newton

The Rev. Newton subtitles her message “Identity and Intersectionality; on Being a Post Colonial Mutt.” She further writes: “Walt Whitman understood intersectionality in our post-colonial country. And he accepted his own contradictions. We all contain multitudes. Are you comfortable with examining all of the stories in your bones and blood? Families are knots and when you pull on the loose ends, you can unleash a whole mess of intersectionality and problematic identities. At a time when we are all asked to look at the problem of racism, we all need to go backwards before we can go forwards.”

Rev. Newton serves as Minister of the Amarillo Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.