Upcoming Services

All services are held on Sundays at 11:00 am unless otherwise noted.  Until further notice, all Sunday Worship Services will be presented via video on our Youtube channel

July 12 – “Justice is an Inside Job” with Rev. Mark Skrabacz

A seminal teacher of mine told me in my early adulthood that “Motivation is everything.” Today I’d like to examine Social Activism through the lens of motivation. What moves activists to act? They invite us into solidarity with the poor, marginalized and oppressed. What are the elements required for real solidarity? Isn’t it true that when we are comfortable, it is difficult to move to the margins? Yet that is where we must go! Let’s find out how.

July 19 – “The Possibilities in Imagination” with Rev. Mark Skrabacz

My faith is grounded in two principles, humility and openness. As to the first of these–and it may be a truth–the more I know about life and death and Mystery, the greater my ignorance appears. Beyond every ridge I climb is yet another slope. While aware of my own mortality, however far I trek, I shall not learn the answers to Why and What life means. Humility is called for. Yet openness to learning and adapting and growing also appears to line the optimal path forward. I invite you to join with me in exploring these.

July 26 “To Serve Humanity in Fellowship” with Rev. Mark Skrabacz

For years one of our weekly rituals has been to recite our Covenant that binds us together as a religious community. These words are originally attributed to the Rev. Charles Gordon Ames, a Unitarian of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and editor of the liberal Christian Register. Today I want to share with you with my thoughts about one of its important phrases. Words that will serve us well in any time and in all times.