Worship Service on Sundays at 11:00 a.m.


Rainbow Inclusion Committee 

Committee Charter

Our mission is to involve the church community through education and insights into the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) identified people, while being mindful of the process of spiritual growth and the end of working for justice and equality.

While the work of our committee addresses the unique history of oppression of LGBTQ people, the committee demonstrates accountability to the shared vision of the congregation through our activities, providing all members of the congregation opportunities to put our faith and principles into action. Through in-depth educational workshops and our active role in congregational outreach, we encourage the inclusion of all. The Rainbow Inclusion Committee will measure our success through the level of participation and feedback from the participants of our events and actions.

We INVITE newcomers into our community by attending church regularly and welcoming and assisting new families.

We INSPIRE enthusiasm for faith formation by modeling active volunteerism.

We INVOLVE the church community by continually lifting up volunteer opportunities and the value of faith formation.

Job Description

Responsibilities of the Committee Chair:

  1. Manages the Rainbow Inclusion committee e-group.
  2. Attends meetings of the Black Lives Matter-Racial Justice Working Group, the Coordinating Team, and the Social Justice Committee
  3. Submits reports for the Coordinating Team, as requested, and submits the annual report to the Church Administrator for distribution to the  congregation in May.
  4. Actively solicits the congregation to attract new members
  5. Chairs monthly Ranibow Inclusion committee meeting on the second Tuesday on the month at 7:00 pm via Zoom.
  6. Develops programs designed as outreach to the greater San Antonio area.

Responsibilities of the Committee Members:

  1. Stay aware of activities and plans, assisting as needed.
  2. Communicate regularly to discuss upcoming events, agenda items for Rainbow Inclusion committee meeting, current needs, and other issues.
  3. Provide input and information for the reports for the Coordinating Team, as requested, and the annual report for distribution to the congregation in May
  4. Attend monthly Rainbow Inclusion committee meetings
  5. Attend relevant leadership events, including relevant semi-annual congregational meetings, semi-annual retreats, and any special congregational meetings called by the Board, Board President or the congregation.
  6. Communicate with the church community about the committee’s functions and opportunities. Recruits members for Rainbow Inclusion Committee. Attends new member receptions, as able, to welcome and socialize with new members.
  7. Sponsor, plan and carry-out 2 to 4 Church-wide events during the year that directly Invite, Inspire or Involve, these may include: Pride Festival


For more information about the Rainbow Inclusion Committee, visit the Gender & Sexuality Justice page on this website or contact rainbowinclusion@uusat.org.