Trauma, Healing and Wholeness

Rev. Yadenee writes: Trauma, I believe, is at the heart of “brokeness” in our world. I define trauma as stuck energy seeking resolution. Our bodies, hearts, and minds seek resolution. That is, in fact, part of our nature, to seek wholeness. Often though without encouragement, the shards of trauma piercing through time and space dig into the merry-go-round of coping and numbing unaware how to shift into healing. Have you felt stuck in painful patterns? How does trapped energy look in you? Do you become exhausted, numb, frantic, vicious, cold? We will discuss the truths I have observed from nature, religions, and my own life: Stuck energy sabotages. Our nature is to heal. And how healing is a lifestyle of wholeness.

Rev. Yadenee Hailu (she/her) is a community minister in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From her mixed culture childhood she developed a sensitivity to patterns as a way to seek traces of the divine. She hopes to uplift these whispers of truth and beauty so we may all be reminded again and again of the ways back to our purpose and nature through healing.