To Serve Humanity in Fellowship

Presented by Rev. Mark Skrabacz and Betsy Kropp with music by Jaime Ramirez and Carlos Gonzales.

We here at First UU Church have been built by training in spirit and our principles and by becoming a Welcoming Congregation, as well as taking on other significant challenges of justice making. We have opened our hearts and minds and wallets to support our growth, learning, forgiving and covenanting with each other. We keep coming back to our Mission and Vision in order to move forward as a Community comprised of many Communities — old and young, widowed and married, families and singles, brown, black, indigenous and white persons— he, she and they. The power of Community is that it is a stronger collective that can actually hold the Vision and Mission, so that all persons may respond to the learning opportunities that will take us forward. My Religion is about “relationship — a connection.” It’s not about beliefs. It’s not about identities. It’s not about being right. It is about being present and being creative in action. And the most creative things happen in relationship, in collaboration, in community, not in divisiveness or in ivory towers or behind walls. In relationship we can choose to love and serve actual people.