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What is emerging at First UU at this very moment? In this Community we are free and responsible for our own search for truth and meaning. That’s our fourth UU Principle. Combined with our fifth principle regarding the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process in our congregations and society at large, we live according to values. These encourage us to attend to our conscience and consciousness and the commitment to grow in community. Our lives require critical thinking, the greater understanding of the feelings of our hearts and a context in which to live out our values. Hence with growing aliveness in our heads and hearts, and an embodied spirituality, and as a part of an earth-honoring, justice-making community, we are constantly learning and growing into a new context for our individual and collective spiritual and personal development. One that is appropriate for our lived twenty-first century circumstances. This describes in part, the theme of Emergence that we will explore as a Beloved Community on my first Sunday with you.