Path of Faith Formation

Path of Faith Formation at First UU San Antonio

The Path of Faith Formation series at First UU San Antonio offers a clear route to developing ones Unitarian Universalist faith and identity.

Adults who choose this path will start out by taking several classes in UU Foundations, move on to articulating their faith, and then, if they have higher aspirations, may choose one or more culminating paths.

While the path is presented here a sequential series, we understand that every individual is unique, and anyone with an interest may take any class at any time.

Here’s the path:

Part one, First UU 101. Newcomers will attend theFirst UU 101 class, which we already offer once per month.

Part two, UU Foundations. Several times a year we will offer 60- 90-minute classes on UU Foundations after church. Topics may include:

The Principles

The Sources

The Language of Reverence

Stages of Faith

Covenant (History and Theology)

UU History

History of First UU San Antonio


Part three, “Elevator Speeches.” Have you ever been asked what Unitarian Universalism is, and been at a loss for words? In this 60-90 minute gathering participants create their own short statements of their UU faith – good for briefly explaining your faith and your church to relatives, friends, and strangers you meet in an elevator who ask about your chalice pin. This class will be recommended for people who have attended at least a few of the foundational courses.

Part four, wisdom track, Credo-writing and
worship service planning.
Unitarian Universalists who wish to fully engage in their faith will move beyond elevator speeches and create a fully formed statement of faith. People who have completed the “elevator speech” workshop, or who have attended this or another UU church for several years, will be invited to this series of workshops in which participants will create fully formed statements of faith and will present these to the congregation in a dedicated worship service. Participants will have alternative options that don’t involve presenting to the

Part four, leadership track. Church members who aspire to chair a
committee, sit on the board, teach a religious education class, or who just
want to know more about leadership and governance will want to attend one or more of these 60-90 minute classes. Topics may include systems theory, adaptive leadership, and policy governance. Aspiring leaders are also encouraged to attend anti-oppressions workshops offered by our social justice committee or other entities.

Part four, spirit path. Regardless of classes taken or
length of membership, everyone at first UU is invited to tend to their spirit
through Covenant group participation or leadership. Occasional workshops on other spiritual practices may be offered.


Winter/spring 2020 Path of Faith Formation offerings

Leadership Track: Radical Welcome
So what would it mean to receive someone—a stranger—with a presence that was not just polite, but to receive them with revolutionary generosity?” (Marilyn Sewell) Join this class for a deep-dive into what makes a congregation truly welcoming. This is one, 90-minute class that will be offered twice.
When and where: Wednesday, Jan. 8, 7-8:30 pm, Mary Shelley
room of the Thoreau Building; Jan. 19, 12:15-1:45, Office Conference room
Facilitator: Dr. Sheri Phillabaum

Foundations: Multiculturalism
The work of Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression and Multi-Culturalism (ARAOMC) are vital to the further realization of our Unitarian Universalist faith. Fighting the injustice of discrimination and privilege requires a first step of recognition that there even is inequality to be fought, that there even is privilege to recognize. We are all in this together, as we work towards the goal of Beloved Community, where no one or kind of people have unfair advantage over others. Fact is, we have all to learn how to live together. The struggle to resist injustice will never be truly finished, yet we must focus on playing our part. During this February’s Black History Month join Rev. Mark Skrabacz in exploring learning opportunities to deepen our understanding of AR, AO and MC. Together we’ll spell them out! This is one, 90-minute class that will be offered twice.
When & where: Wednesday, Feb. 5, 7-8:30 pm, Mary Shelley room of the Thoreau Building; Feb. 9, 12:15-1:45, Beatrix Potter room of the
Longfellow Building
Facilitator: Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Foundations: History of First UU
In honor of our 75th anniversary, First UU member and historian Bill Bush has written a narrative history of First Unitarian Universalism church of San Antonio. In this class, participants will learn about milestones, formative events, and key personalities that have made our community what it is today. This is one, 90-minute class that will be offered twice.
Mary Shelley room of the Thoreau Building
When: Wednesday, March 4, 7-8:30 pm and March 8, 12:15-1:45
Facilitator: Dr. Bill Bush

Foundations: Stages of Faith
James Fowler and other authors have researched how people
develop through different stages of faith. Our view of God, nature, the world and the universe can and does change throughout life. Why is this worth investigating? Because it is about levels of inclusiveness, levels of openness and our view about where God resides. Knowing these stages that we experience helps us to understand and better connect with others. There will be an explanation of the stages followed by group discussion. This is one, 90-minute class that will be offered twice.
When: Wednesday, April 1, 7-8:30 pm and April 19, 12:15-1:45
Where: Mary Shelley room of the Thoreau Building
Facilitator: Linda Schmidt