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Partner Church

Unitarianism was born in Transylvania in the late 16th century through the works of a clergyman named Francis David, who convinced the King to make Unitarianism the state religion and foster religious toleration within the kingdom.

In 2019, our congregation voted to partner with a Unitarian church in Magyarsáros, Transylvania, as part of a special program under the auspices of the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council (UUPCC).  The UUPCC works to foster personal transformation, congregational partnerships, and community capacity building by connecting Unitarian Universalists throughout the world.

Partnerships provide individuals, small groups, and full congregations a way to connect with the larger fellowship of our faith. These partnerships are not based on charity, but on building relationships between UUs that benefit all in both small and large ways—improving cultural understanding, supporting communities, and helping to develop individual, religious, educational, and economic opportunities.

Through the Partner Church program, we hope to develop initiatives to strengthen our partnership, such as group travels to Transylvania and classes to learn about Transylvanian culture and Unitarian history.

For more information about the partner church program, visit the UUPCC Facebook page.  To learn more about our Partner Church program, visit our Partner Church Facebook page.