Ministers & Staff

Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Consulting Minister

Rev. Skrabacz joined us as our contract Minister in February 2020. We are very excited to have an experienced minister to help us going forward with our day to day activities, stewardship campaign, pastoral care and in developing our leaders. Rev. Mark will solidify our ministerial presence over the next two years as we prepare … Read More


Rev. Art Severance

Minister Emeritus

Rev. Art Severance was our minister for 15 years from 1991 to 2006. Rev. Art graduated from Lancaster Theological Seminary with a Masters degree in Divinity in 1987 and later completed his internship at the Princeton Unitarian Church. After becoming our minister in March of 1991, the church grew from 250 to over 400 members. The … Read More

Dr. Sheri Phillabaum

Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Dr. Sheri Phillabaum is a master-level credentialed religious educator serving First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio as Director of Lifespan Religious Education since 2008. She has worked as a religious educator since 2001. She holds a bachelor's degree in religious studies and a Ph.D. in Renaissance drama. … Read More


Dr. Susan Dill

Director of Music

Susan Dill has been the music director at First UU since 2008. She is currently Associate Professor of Music Education at The University of Texas San Antonio where she serves as music education area coordinator and director of the Institute of Music Research. She holds Ph.D. and M.M. degrees in Music Education from the … Read More

Mary Wright

Office Manager

Mary Wright has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of New Orleans. She has worked as a case manager and vocational specialist for people with disabilities in Louisiana, Nevada, and Texas. She worked for many years as an eligibility specialist for the Social Security disability program and most recently as an … Read More


Glenna Jones-Kachtik

Religious Education Assistant

Glenna has been a member of First UU off and on since 1991. She served several years as the Director of Religious Education at Community UU Church. Prior to her current position, she worked for two years as a child care worker in the nursery. She is married to Von Kachtik who has been attending First UU since he was about 4 or … Read More