Committee on Ministry

In order for us to be a religious community that invites a variety of viewpoints, inspires spiritual and intellectual growth, and involves us all in the pursuit of a peaceful, just, and free world, there is a need for a committee to strengthen the quality of ministry.

The Committee on Ministry exists to strengthen and improve relations between the congregation and the minister, to ensure that the congregation is aware of the diversity of ministerial responsibility, to clarify expectations and priorities for both the minister and church members, and to advocate for the minister with the board on programs dealing with education, professional development, and funding.

While we exist to facilitate communication between the minister and church members, we do NOT exist to eliminate direct communication, nor is it part of our charter to bring unattributed criticism – positive or negative – to the minister.

We are, however, interested in meeting with members of the congregation who wish to give us feedback about the ministry of the church. In order for us to be prepared and to allow time for what is already on our agenda, we ask that requests be submitted stating the topic or issue to be discussed. We will usually then invite the person to attend the first part of our next scheduled meeting. To submit a request, send your name, email address, phone number, and the topic or issue you wish to discuss to Please note, no anonymous feedback will be accepted.