Green Team

Meditation GardenOur congregation became an accredited Green Sanctuary with the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Green Sanctuary Program in April 2013. This program provides the framework to begin specific projects and activities that lead to recognition as a Green Sanctuary through candidacy and then accreditation. The process is designed to involve multiple facets of congregational life including Worship and Celebration, Religious Education for adult and children, Environmental Justice, and Sustainable Living—which include grounds, parking lot, location, transportation, facilities, kitchen, food, recycling/reuseables, office and cleaning supplies, energy use, investment policies, congregation policies, congregation committees, etc. Recent activities have included campus recycling; installing a rainwater catchment system; implementing more green building practices; providing workshops; and raising awareness through a concert and films.

We also participate in San Antonio’s annual riverbank clean up – the Basura Bash. This intergenerational activity provides the opportunity to witness the San Antonio River ecosystem and the waterways that feed into the San Antonio River, as well as cleaning up debris from the riverbanks.

To learn more about First UU’s Green Team visit and ask to join their google group.