Youth Groups

Note: As of April, 2021 our programs are still modified due to the realities of Covid 19. For the most recent offerings, contact Director of Religious Education Sheri Phillabaum,

Along with Religious Education classes, we offer group programs for youth and teens in grades 6-12.

Club M2U

This youth group is for Middle School students (grades 6 – 8). Focus is on having fun, making friends and doing social service projects together. Recent activities include ice skating, collecting school supplies for hurricane victims, collecting and sorting food for the San Antonio Food bank, and planning an Animal Dedication service for the entire church. During the school year meetings are held on the fourth Sunday of the month at 9:30 in the Mary Shelley room of the Thoreau building. An activity outside of church is usually scheduled for the third weekend of the month. The first-Sunday religious education hour is devoted to club business and planning, the fourth Sunday to social action projects. Our advisers for this group are Steve Stechschulte and Rebecca Edgin-Harrington.

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU)
Youth build community and develop Unitarian Universalsit identity through fun and meaningful activities. The five components of balanced youth programming are Worship, Community Building, Social Action, Learning and Leadership. Youth in this program have many opportunities to grow into leadership at group, congregational, district and continental levels.

YRUU participants are free to discuss anything — religion, politics, sexuality, school, music, poetry, social issues, or whatever is important to them. The emphasis is placed on the creation of an accepting, supportive community which respects the feelings and needs of individuals. Within YRUU, young people make friends and develop values that last a lifetime.

This group meets every Sunday from 9:30 to 10:30 am in the Wade Richmond room. First Sundays are devoted to youth-group business, second and third Sundays to curriculum, and fourth Sundays to social action projects. On the first Sunday of every month the group meets after church at a local restaurant for lunch. YRUU does not meet regularly during the summer. Our advisers for this group are Tavis McGeachin, Sarah Silva, and Caitie Skaggs.

Youth-Adult Committee

The Youth Adult Committee (YAC) serves as a forum and decision-making group for youth-related issues, communication with the congregation, membership integration into the church community, selection of youth group advisors, and involvement of youth in church functions.

Adults representing both youth groups, the Religious Education Council and parents sit on the committee with youth, elected by their peers, representing both youth groups and religious education classes.