9:15 Nursery opens
9:30 Religious education classes for all ages
10:30 Parent/Guardians pick up preschool-5th grade children from class. Students 6th grade and above will be released when their class ends.
11:00 Service Begins.
Children ages 4 and up attend worship with family.
Children ages 3 and under may be taken to the nursery or attend Worship with parent.
11:15 Children 5th grade and below who are registered for the playground are released from the service after Teaching Time for activities in Jefferson Bldg and Playground.* Children of all ages are always welcome to stay in Worship with family.
12:15 Please pick up all children promptly before you go to Coffee Hour so that the volunteers can enjoy Coffee hour as well.
12:30 Various programs, such as Coming of Age or Our Whole Lives sexuality education are often offered after church.

* Several times throughout the year we will have Intergenerational services which are carefully planned to appeal to the entire church community. The playground is closed during these services so that everyone may enjoy the service, though there will be childcare for the very youngest children (0-3) in the nursery and Pre-K/K in the preschool room.

Summer Schedule:

During the summer, classes for grades five and below take place during the 11 am worship hour, with children attending the first part of the service. Playground/free play is offered during the 9:30 – 10:30 am hour. Middle-and high-school classes maintain their year-round schedule: class 9:30-10:30, attend worship service at 11.

Monthly schedule (September through May)

Our religious education program for children and youth uses a flexible format called Way Cool Sunday School. We vary our class structure and offer programming that appeals to children with different interests and learning styles.

First Sunday of the month — Themes Sunday and Youth groups
On the first Sunday of each month, children from kindergarten through fifth grade will explore our church’s monthly theme. Themes for the 2018-19 church-school year include love, hope, generosity, and reason.

Second and third Sundays of the month — Curriculum Sundays*
On these two “class days,” we use the curricula described here.

Fourth Sunday of the month — Social Action Sunday
Children from 2nd grade through high school plan and carry out social action projects with their age groups as we seek to give our children and youth the tools to live out their beliefs.

Fifth Sunday of the month — Celebration Sunday
Children from kindergarten through fifth grade will explore world faiths and cultures, as well as our own, through learning about and celebrating world holidays. Middle– and high-school youth groups meet.

*Because our little ones appreciate consistency, every Sunday is “curriculum Sunday” for the preschool class.