Upcoming Services

All services are held on Sundays at 11:00 am unless otherwise noted.

September 30 – “Un-Conditional Love” by Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder

Loving without conditions means love no matter what. Indeed, unconditional love sounds almost like a superhuman ideal than an actual lived practice. Are we really prepared for that level of commitment?

October 7 – “A Tremendous Fascinating Mystery” by Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder

For our theme of Sacredness we start with the classics: Rudolph Otto. Otto was a German philosopher and theologian who explored what it was that we mean by “the Holy.” The Holy, in his view, stood at the center of religion. What does that concept mean for Unitarian Universalists today?

October 14 – “Animal Blessing” by Dr. Sheri Phillabaum

Pets and other animals bring so much joy into our lives. Today we will celebrate our non-human friends. You can bring your (well-behaved) pet for an in-person blessing, or bring a picture or stuffed animal substitute. We would also like pictures of pets and other favorite animals for a slide show. Please send these to Sheri (dlre@uusat.org) by Oct. 7. Water and treats for feline and canine friends will be available on the patio after church, as well as sitters to watch your pets while you go through the FUUnd lunch line.

October 21 – TBA by Rev. Ranwa Hammamy

Rev. Ranwa is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and chaplain. She currently serves as a Chaplain with the Center for Elders’ Independence in Oakland, CA. Raised Muslim, she identifies as a UU-Muslim, and is one of the co-editors for the in-process Muslim Voices in Unitarian Universalism text. Born in the US to Egyptian and Lebanese parents, Ranwa had a “Third Culture Kid” experience, living in-between, as both, and as neither Egyptian-Lebanese and American. One result of this lived experience is her dedication to ministering to the “both/and” – not only by identifying intersectional identities and movements, but also by reaching out to individuals whose multiple identities place them in the margins or outside of their communities. Within Unitarian Universalism, Ranwa has lived this commitment in her ministry to youth and young adult participants of the Multicultural Leadership School/Thrive. When not wearing her ministerial hat, Ranwa finds enjoyment and sustenance singing in a local choir, cuddling with her cats and partner, and dreaming up plans for her anti-Islamophobia baking and community ministry “Shugaria Law.”

October 28 – “Not This, Not That” by Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder

From Otto to the Upanishads. The Hindu texts attempt to describe what the Holy is by first describing what it is not! “Negative Theology” as it is called in the West gives us an appreciation of the sacredness from a unique perspective. If we do not know what God is, can we discover what God isn’t?