Upcoming Services

All services are held on Sundays at 11:00 am unless otherwise noted.

May 21 – “Optimists See the World Half Empty” by Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder

The cliché is that optimists see the glass half full and pessimists see it half empty. But what is this glass full of? What is it missing? In Buddhism “Emptiness” is actually the name of the sacred presences of interconnection that binds the universe together. Nothing is truly empty because it contains everything.

May 28 – “Question Box Sermon” by Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder

What will this sermon be? It is up to you! Submit your theological questions to Rev. Josh and he will put together the sermon to answer them. He will do his best to answer as many of the questions put forth as possible, with similar questions being grouped together. Please submit your questions to minister@uusat.org by Wednesday May 24. Thank you!

June 4 – “Mahayashkapa”s Smile” by Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder

June 11 – “Why I Sing” presented by the First UU Choir

Various choir members are going to talk about why they sing and the choir will sing songs about singing. The choir was also asked to vote for their favorite choral songs that were sung at First UU in the past seven years. As a special treat you will get to hear the choir’s two favorite songs. So please consider this quote, “if anyone tells you a song is important to them, you should turn it up loud, close your eyes and really listen because at the end, you will know that person much better.” Anonymous

June 18 – “Black Lives Still Matter” by Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder

June 25 – “Hedonistic Sustainability” by Kiya Heartwood

A philosophical approach through Permaculture principles and other Earth and all people centered philosophies,to growing and thriving in a shared, sustainable future. Kiya Heartwood (Stealin Horses, Wishing Chair, Tejas) is “an award-winning American singer-songwriter who writes smart, funny and poignant songs about the famous and not-so-famous legends of America.” Kiya’s music “serves up a lively batch of original songs that follow on to two of the oldest traditions of folk music: storytelling and political broadside.” Kiya’s new CD, is called Palo Duro. She makes her happy home in Austin , TX with her wife, Rev. Meg Barnhouse. Kiya is currently finishing her Permaculture Design Certificate.