Upcoming Services

All services are held on Sundays at 11:00 am unless otherwise noted.

MARCH 24 – “Minimalism & Materialism” by our High School Youth Group
YRUU, our high school youth group, explores the connections between minimalism and materialism. Everyone is encouraged to find something in their house to bring to the service that they are willing to give up. YRUU will collect these items and make sure they are re-homed to those who need them.

MARCH 31 – “UU Saints: Rod Serling” by Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder
Francis David was the chief theologian of the Unitarian Church in Transylvania. His writings and opinions shaped how Unitarianism grew in that country for generations. His bold stances and his convictions for his beliefs lead ultimately to him being jailed and martyred for his faith. Come learn about this important figure in our history as our church contemplates getting a partner church in Transylvania!

APRIL 7 – “Coming of Age Sunday” by our High School Youth

APRIL 14 – “Ultimate Concern” by Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder

APRIL 21 – “Saved: Like It or Not” by Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder

APRIL 28 – “Earth Day Service” by the Green Sanctuary Team