Upcoming Services

All services are held on Sundays at 11:00 am unless otherwise noted.

February 23 – “Hymn Sing” by Dr. Susan Dill

Join us for our 2nd annual hymn sing service.  Hymns give us a glimpse of the generations before us and what was important to them at the time. What we find is although musical style evolves, the basic spiritual messages remain timeless. We will begin by spending a little time learning  about Carolyn McDade, feminist activist and composer of several favorite UU hymns and then we will have fun putting Jaime through his paces as everyone is given the opportunity to request their favorite hymns.

March 1 – “As We Give, We Grow – Caring About Today and Feeding the Roots of 75 More Years” by Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Today’s Service and Sermon will serve as the launch of our annual Pledge Drive. It will be filled with information and inspiration for what is and is yet to come! The Service will be followed by a Reception in Fellowship Hall to discuss your questions about the Budget proposed for our Congregational Approval at the Annual Meeting on May 17. Please come to this Sunday Service to consider the matter of worth having to do with our finances and plans, as well as to the after-Service Reception to share your concerns.

Give what you will: for the church that has meant so much to you, for the church that has meant so much to those who came before you, and for the church that will mean so much to people still to come that you will never know.

 March 8 – “Thresholds – Learning to Die in Order to Live” Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Although death is the ultimate rite of passage and one we must all experience, I find as a minister that most people understand little about the end of life. Serving as a Hospice Chaplain, during Clinical Pastoral Education in San Antonio in 2009, presented me with a hundred opportunities to be with persons who were dying, including many during their final moments. It helped me with a direct understanding of something of the mystery that is death. Today we’ll look at death and dying in an anticipatory way, based on the way we actually live our lives. Let us consider our living and dying in a way from which we can learn.

Our Pastoral Associates and Member Care Committees, along with Funeral Consumers Alliance, will have tables after the Service with information.

March 15 – “Justice Sunday” by David Rodriguez

March 22 – TBD by Rev. Erin Walter

March 29 – “Building a Community of Trust” Rev. Mark Skrabacz

Do you have reasons for distrusting certain elements of our Congregational Community? Please come this Sunday to consider this matter of worth and have a conversation about how Trust can be regained here. Trust is an essential experience for us to be proud of what we have built together and to feel hopeful about what is yet to come. The core of our Vision and Mission is to harness and direct our collective energies, ideas and power to make this a more trustable, just and compassionate community, and to positively affect our city and world. I thank you from my heart in advance for bringing your concerns to this service today.