The Life, Times, and Writings of Margaret Fuller

Sundays, March 15-April 5, 9:30am-10:30am, Conference Room – Join facilitator Terry Goddard for an exploration of the life and times of Margaret Fuller: an early nineteenth-century  feminist, teacher, social reformer, and literary critic. Fuller was also active in the early years of Unitarianism and at the inception of Transcendentalism; a friend and colleague of Emerson, Alcott, Peabody and other Transcendentalists.  We will examine her life and times and writings by discussing some of her written work. Sources for the class will include Margaret Fuller: A New American Life, by Megan Marshall, The Lives of Margaret Fuller, by John Matteson, The Essential Margaret Fuller, edited by Jeffrey Steele, and articles and other sources, including material from the UUA website – Tapestry.