The Tao of Unitarian Universalism

There have been a number of books with “Tao” in the title, besides the Tao Te Ching, of course- The Tao of Physics, of Psychology, of Jesus, and one of my favorites, The Tao of Pooh (Winnie). The ancient Chinese religion of Taoism might be seen as a reaction to the more traditional Confucianism, as Christianity was to Judaism, and Buddhism was to Hinduism. Tao can be translated as “search”; it tends to be more mystical and less concerned about doctrines- a dance, not a dirge!

Since leaving First UU in 2006 (Rev. Severance was the former settled minister at First UU from 1991-2006), Art served as Interim Minister at Boulder Valley Fellowship in Boulder,CO, then minister at East Shore UU Church in Kirtand,OH, then Interim at First UU Church of Stockton,CA, then Developmental Minister at UU Church of Amherst,NY. He retired in 2016 and moved back to San Antonio to be near his three daughters and grandchildren. He currently serves on the board of UURMAPA (UU Retired Ministers and Partners Association) and is grampa of 5 grandchildren. He has preached at fellowships in New Braunfels, San Marcos, and churches in Austin and Kerrville since his return.