Committees are the means by which the church actually runs and you can be a part! If one of the areas below seems interesting to you, please talk to someone at the greeter table on Sunday morning or contact the church office for contact information.

Click on the links below to learn more about the committees and what they do here at the church.

Board Committees

Committee on Ministry
Troy Peters – Chair

Stewardship Committee
Donna Pereira – Co-chair
Terri Chadwick – Co-chair

Congregational Committees

Community Responsibility Endowment Fund
Christine Chesnut – Chair

Leadership Development
Howard Berger – Co-chair
Tess Bobo – Co-chair

Trust Fund of Endowments
Carolyn Ellis – Chair

Coordinating Team

Adult Religious Education
Pam Kirk – Chair

Diane Adams – Chair

Denominational Connections
Mary Ringer – Co-Chair
Kathryn Kunkel – Co-Chair

Green Team
Gary Ross & Lorelei Lambert – Co-Chairs

Akos Szabo – Co-Chair
Christopher Gillis – Co-Chair

Marc Smith – Chair

Maintenance and Repair
Roy Ellzey & Ron Pena – Co-Chairs

Member Care
Jeanne Morey & Rowena Rodgers – Co-Chairs

Dorothy Wallace – Chair

Rainbow Inclusion
Brian Asher & Carol Collins – Co-Chairs

Social Justice
June Kachtik & Vicki Tullius – Co-Chairs

Karen Davis – Chair

Youth Religious Education

Church Office

7150 W. Interstate 10, San Antonio, TX 78213


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