Mystery Pals

What is “Mystery Pals?

Mystery Pals is a fun way to develop intergenerational relationships within our congregation. It involves the pairing up of two individuals of different generations (one adult and one child) who don’t know each other. They communicate to each other over a period of four weeks by leaving notes and SMALL gifts in The Mystery Pals Mailboxes on the patio. At the end of four weeks, each is revealed to the other at The Mystery Pals Party on Feb. 24!

Dates of Operation: For four Sundays-Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb. 10, and Feb 17th, you and your pal will participate in exchanges. A potluck lunch revealing the partners to each other will be on February 24th. No exchanges will occur in the mailboxes this day, though you may bring something to give your partner in person when you meet. If you are unable to attend church on one of the four exchanging Sundays, please make arrangements to have someone else put something in your box. We don’t want any disappointed pals! You can also contact the Mystery Pals Fairies at

Note: EVERY participant must especially make a commitment to attend the lunch.

Who is eligible to be an “adult” partner? Any member of the congregation 14 years of age or older, who desires to develop a new relationship with one of the children in the congregation, may participate as an adult partner. Adult partners will only be paired with children at least ten years younger than themselves.

Who is eligible to be a “child” partner? Any member of the congregation or child of a member, age 13 or younger that desires to develop a new relationship with an adult member of the congregation may participate as a child partner. Children will be paired with a member at least ten years their senior. Permission for participation is required to be given by a parent or guardian.

What happens after I sign-up? Following sign-up, participants will be matched by the Mystery Pal Matching Fairy. Each partner will be contacted via email BY 5:00 P.M. ON MONDAY, JAN. 21th and given a code name which corresponds to the mailboxes that will be located on the patio. Participants will also be given a little bit of information about their partners (provided when you sign-up), to help get you started. If you are not notified of your match by Monday, Jan. 21st, please contact Sheri,

What is acceptable to give my partner? The sharing of one’s self is what’s most strongly encouraged. Any gifts exchanged should be for the purpose of sharing about yourself with your partner such as a poem by your favorite poet, or acknowledging something your partner told you about themselves (for example, “favorite candy is a Twix bar” or “favorite sport is baseball”). Letters telling your partner about yourself and possibly something that represents an interest of yours or theirs are most appropriate. A gift should not be given without a note. Tangible gifts should not be of a value higher than $3.00. (Really! This means you too!)

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