Community Responsibility Endowment Fund

The gift that truly keeps on giving


Since 1982 the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio has managed and administered the Community Responsibility Endowment Fund (CREF). Each year the elected CREF Trustees award grants to support projects that address the community needs in the San Antonio metropolitan area and that reflect the values of the members of the church.

Funds for the CREF grants come from the income, interest, and dividends earned from its endowment principal. CREF contributions are added to the principal each year through a fundraising drive that members of this church generously support with donations of all sizes. The endowment is also increased through funds bequeathed or devised by will to the CREF Trustees designated for charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes.

How CREF Works

• The amount of interest and dividends earned during one calendar year is the total amount of funds available for grants in the next calendar year.

• From May through June, CREF solicits nominations for possible grant recipients. Nominations may be made at any time throughout the year by church members using the CREF Nomination Form. The cut-off date is announced when nominations open and will also be listed on the website. Nominations received after the announced cut-off date, will be considered for the next year.

• In July, the eligible 501(c)(3) nominated organizations are sent a letter inviting them to apply for funds that will help with a project that supports the activities and/or projects which reflect the values of the membership of the congregation. The applications are due by the end of August.

• The CREF trustees review the applications, select the recipient(s) and decide the amount of the grant(s) to be awarded.

• In the fall, CREF conducts its annual fundraising drive to raise money to grow the CREF endowment, and increase the amount of earnings CREF has to award for grants in future years.

• CREF never spends the endowment principal without an affirmative vote of no less than three quarters (3/4) of the members of the Church present at a regularly scheduled meeting attended by no less than 40% of the eligible members of the Church.

• On a selected Sunday in the fall, representatives from the chosen organization(s) are presented with the grant(s) during the worship service.

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CREF Nomination Form

Online CREF Nomination Page

Return completed nomination forms to the church office either in person, through the mail or email.


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