Framing the Work and Purpose of the Sanctuary Task Force (Grupo Operativo Santuario)

July 2017

Mission and vision:
In the Sanctuary Pledge adopted by the congregation in May 2017 we resolved to work for sanctuary in three different ways:
1. to resist government policies of deportation and discrimination
2. to create sanctuary in our church and in the city
3. to work alongside others to ensure dignity and human rights

Goals and activities towards fulfillment of this pledge:

Goal 1: Create a safe environment for undocumented people in our neighborhood and city
● Establish a working relationship with Balcones Heights police in order to publicly state the church’s commitment to safe environment and to identify next steps. Meet with police to determine their policies with respect to immigration issues and their interests and pressure points regarding policing and immigration issues
● Work with local law enforcement departments to have policies of nonenforcement of immigration law.
● When local law enforcement and/or ICE does immigration enforcement that harms communities, identify and publicly witness to unjust practices.
● Work towards a city that has a faith-congregations sanctuary network organized to leverage community power to stop deportation and detention in individual cases.

Goal 2: Create a safe environment on church campus
● Campus signage can show no permission to ICE to enter.
● Work to ensure that every member of the congregation and every visitor knows what to do in case ICE approaches on campus. Create and distribute written know your rights materials to members and conduct “Constitutional Rights” trainings as needed.

Goal 3: Prevent deportation and detention through resistance in preparation with communities
● As church members, conduct know your rights trainings to prepare individual and families for individual case resistance and for community action
● Orient and refer church members to RAICES training programs.
● As church members, train and participate in safe rapid response actions to prevent deportation and detention in individual cases.
● Orient and refer church members to RAICES training programs for this