Stewardship Campaign

These are troubling times. Now more than ever, First UU has important work to do—work that we cannot accomplish without your help. Each year, we ask members and friends to renew their commitment to the work we do within our church and in the larger community.

The Church has identified several priorities for the coming year, including:

• supporting our Director of Religious Education’s continued professional development to enhance First UU’s religious education programs;
• starting a fund to hire another Ministerial Intern to better serve the worship and pastoral care needs of our growing congregation; and
• increasing the wages of our staff by $1/hour in accordance with Fair Wage Guidelines from the UUA; and
• expanding our Social Justice programs.

Just think—a 10% increase in support will allow us to strengthen our worship, education, and social justice programs to better provide solace, hope, and inspiration, as well as help us raise awareness and mobilize for action. Won’t you join us as we work together to make San Antonio, South Texas, and the world a better place?

Special Statement from the First UU Social Justice Committee

It is our First UU Social Justice Committee that brings our UU values to life in the public square–at the local, state, and national levels. Given the new political realities of our time, we are asking for a significant increase in funding to partner with our allies to work for change, strategically aligned with the focus of the UUA, UUSC, and the UU College of Social Justice in fighting against injustice.

Social Justice has been funded on a shoestring budget, but now if we are going to be effective, that has to change. Now more than ever, we need to advance our UU values on Reproductive Justice, Racial Justice, Immigrant Justice, and Economic Justice. Our Social Justice Committee members have committed to increase their pledges for these efforts and all the other needs of our church. Social Justice Committee members will be working with the Stewardship Committee to reach out to everyone and to articulate and fund our First UU Social Justice vision.

Social Justice Committee Co-Chairs, June Kachtik and Lani Van Petten

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